Sunday, January 02, 2011

Not what I was Expecting

Don't want all the blog posted to recipients. Just a small reference to. So need to write a much longer post to test if only a short paragraph of the post gets emailed to others or all of it. The idea is that I post my extra long posts to my blog page and short responses are sent to email forums, where my responses need to be kept short. SEAint for example, stops my posts if they are too long. This I tend to get around by breaking the post up into smaller posts and sending my response in parts. Alternatively I choose not to send my post, and write it again and again, as other posts come in on the subject. Until I finally write something short enough that it can be posted, though it is still usually excessively long. But then it takes time to writre something shorter. Though at the moment having a problem trying to figure out what to write in order to make this longer than the paragraph that may be extracted and sent to email receipients. If I stop too soon, then I will have to start from scratch and try and write something longer again. But then maybe I can dig out some of those long responses written but not actually sent.
Now for a second paragraph to check if grabs first sentence, or first paragraph or the entire post. How long does it have to be to be cut short. Maybe I can find something in the help system.

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