Thursday, January 13, 2011

More time on twitter ...

Really must make a start the accounts.
Been taking a look at some of the twitter tools available. Not sure if any of them are any real help. But have become aware of a limitation, that may require some additional tools. Most especially the ability to grab the tweets I have written. Mindless brain drain that is acceptable that it say eventually disappears, conversations, could also ultimately disappear. However some of the links I had posted were finding what I had lost.
The other issue is the search facility. Things don't seem to be around for long, not sure how long, may be 24 hours, possibly longer. Then after such time, tweeps that were findable disappear: or is that searchable. So only those tweeps that are most current likely to show up in a search. So tweeps are not a way to have save or provide information in the long term.
When not logged in there are about 20 tweeps available to view on the screen. If logged in then can scroll through several more. So can keep pushing tweeps onto the stack until they start dropping off the other end. The stack just became a queue.
Anycase the point is that the tweeps are current and response to chatter: where chatter is response to real world events. So when back in the office next week, not going to be paying too much attention to the streaming timeline. I could use netbook to monitor, so that not consuming resources of laptop whilst working.  But paying more attention to work than to twitter, and inflow of messages from SEAint, and also now from LinkedIN groups. LinkedIN groups probably won't get much attention, since have to log in to see the details of a topic. By comparison the topics seem some what technically boring, too much management bias: probably due to basis of it being more of a recruiting site.
So there is going to be an increase in the inflow of communications. So needs to be added to things to set some time aside for, and such things are in the main secondary to primary activities of drawing and calculation. However, part of objective is to remove some of the repetition in drawing and calculation by publishing and making more pre-engineered solutions available. Not just static solutions in the form of reports to printout, but also dynamic adaptable solutions for simple common place situations. So mostly need to put effort into building a website. Though the website is not really the important issue,  the pirmary issue is getting together the information that is to be placed on the website. First a critical mass of information needs to be got together, then an initial website introduced: then additional information can be added slowly. As the additional information is added then more attention can be given to proper design of the website itself. The other exercise is to publish more to this blog. Instead of writing notes all over the place: paper and computer, concentrate on publishing the notes to the blog. Also can spend time on sorting the existing information out: and then editing a bit and posting to the blog.
The writing therefore is not much of an issue. The major time requirement will be for adapting and modifying drawings for publication, and completing programmes for publication. As for twitter that is for responding, and supposedly cannot connect to website, but website can connect to it. That is avoid answering questions by linking to larger to blog or website. Or given the tools for larger comments, along with images and the likes: linking to blog is okay to answer a question direct to another user. But avoid simply linking to the information and advising available when no question related to. Also can have twitter account point to either blog or website but not both. Though maybe can put one in the commentary.
I currently changed twitter to point to blog, rather than website. But Blog doesn't appear to be able to point to anything. Have to check what I can put in the header. Maybe the Blog header can contain an hyperlink. There is also pointing to LinkedIn and facebook. Though I don't really like facebook. Facebook is too celebrity entertainment biased, and LinkedIN to recruitment agency biased. But maybe they will have some value for technical discussions. Not to mention primary aspect of audience are those persons who are not technical, and who do not want to read technical, nor employ technical people. The objective to to get them to either read the appropriate information or go and employ the appropriate people. For the most part don't want them bothering me after they have got into trouble that was otherwise avoidable. The objective is to eliminate the avoidable problems, by getting the right people to do the work in the first place.

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