Saturday, January 01, 2011

Been creating web presence.

Not sure why but set up accounts at LinkIN, twitter, facebook, scribd and delicious. Mostly got links to sites from WWF website which explained the sites it provided easy linking to.
One reason for setting up the accounts is that IIE has indicated that it is going to  pursue networking opportunities using such sites. Whilst the IEAust and many of its technical societies already has presence in such forums. So potential to dicussion issues in these forums. Most especially since the IEAust own forums that it has attempted to create over the years go no where. Not surprising since not very open, and kind of censored. That is the forums are more an opportunity for the few to lecture at members not interact with. A kind of I know, you don't situation, with no opportunity to say no you don't, you are way wrong. And who made you the expert anyway. Not only have trite experience but talking rubbish. So never really motivated by local IEAust meetings or its online forums. Real interact with real experts, now that is something different.

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