Friday, January 14, 2011

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Heavy traffic on Twitter today. Screen not refreshing, and taking some 15 minutes of so for internet explorer window to respond, but at least it was responding eventually, not just locking up.
Centralised systems not beneficial. As I have been saying, security and defence of a nation, state, city, or individual household is dependent on diversity and redundancies.
Brisbane (QLD) the power has been shut off, additionally it is likely that most mobile phones owned by persons evacuated have also now discharged, and no power available to recharge. Persons, who you only know via a twitter account or similar, are thus out of contact, and possibly little chance of finding anything out about them.
If there was a greater independence from the national power system, and smaller more localised power supplies, such as suburb, street or individual house. Then a lot smaller portion of the city would be shut down. Smaller scale systems are also more suitable for remote villages in developing countries.
Can optimise a system either at the large scale or the small scale, but not both at the same time. So that which is optimum for the individual is not optimum for the nation. There is thus a tug of war between individual and nation as each attempts that most beneficial to itself: and if lucky some balancing level of equilibrium is achieved.
Now talking to my self instead of writing.
So why do some ideas flow better through written words, others through drawings, and still others through speech? What makes me stop typing and start expressing the idea by talking?
Our perception of the world is moulded by our senses and also the instruments we use to observe and measure the world. Heizenberg, Mayo.
There is a chaos of thought and perception, a chaotic world of abstraction, and there is a chaos of the physical world. They all interact. They form a network of entities and relationships and something greater than the collection of parts, something which is abstract and intangible. This intangible thing doesn't simply emerge after assembling the parts, it can only occur through growth and evolution. (refer walking robot article, and how evolving robots had more stable walk).
As I said the tropical rainforest exists because it does. The city exists because it does, likewise it could also be said of businesses and other organisations. Once created they are some what self-sustaining, but it is not entirely feasible to simply assemble the parts and expect a self-sustaining entity to emerge. There is a growth, a wearing in, aging, adaptation and evolution of the parts, at the subassembly level. This can then grow to a higher level, each spurt of growth, resulting in minor changes of form, that permit development to the next stage. The growth has to be nurtured, without which it will not reach the critical stage at which it can reach a state of being self-sustaining.
A landscape littered with lifeforms: nations, states, cities, towns, villages, streets, households, families, businesses, organisations etc...
And people flow between these entities. (where are they, like the electrons in an atom.)
Some are geographically constrained and so are not. Those which are not geographically constrained have the better chance of survival in the long term. (static plants versus mobile animals)
Anycase the whole thing is fluid, and connections between entities are broken and reconnnected many many times over and over again. With all kinds of alternative connections being created. The smaller the individual entity the more adaptable and able it is to form alternative collections.
Imagine a churning mass of ping pong balls, each loosely connected by many strings. The strings break and new connections made with other balls, forming entirely new structural form. But that doesn't remain it is broken up again, and yet another new form reached, and so on it goes, until some final stable form ultimately achieved. This could be considered the end of growth, it then proceeds to age, decay and die.
I don't know. The global economy needs to change so that people can do what they need to do. We have a mind set where by we are hampered by rules, which we do not have to obey. The laws of the universe cannot be broken, what we perceive to be the laws may not be valid. Rules we make up, do not have to be followed and should not be followed if contrary to our best interests. But best interests of individual or best interests of nation? What should the individual take care of and what should the nation take care of?

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