Friday, January 28, 2011

Mental Block ...

Twitter seems to be slow today. Not sure If I followed some new users or
not, pressing follow didn't seem to change to following. May have changed
may have not. Figured I would leave it and try again some other day.

Having problems finding building users. Probably more important things to
do, than create twitter accounts and tweet anything. Though twitter could be
useful for getting information to and from site, and otherwise setting up
interesting discussion groups. Similarly for engineering and design.

That is the other issue the alternative uses of words. It being the
internet, the majority of references to builder, designer, architect and
engineer refer to website design.

Spent some of the day on LinkIN expressing my view on design for floods,
earthquakes and hurricanes. Some civil engineers just don't seem to
understand risk and uncertainty. Got crazy notion that we can design systems
to be safe, flood proof, earthquake proof, and hurricane proof. All nonsense
of course, not possible. We can only design for a low risk of failure, not
for zero failure. Consequently it is necessary to be prepared to respond to
the failure event.

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