Sunday, January 02, 2011

Been Wasting time on the Net?

Been surfing the net reading newsvine, and otherwise jumping from user to user on twitter. Not sure why, I'm certain I had more important things to be doing during the break. Cannot remember what though. Formatting my hard-disk and re-installing the system wasn't one of them. Actually it was, but it was going to be more planned. And I had decided to delay until after done the accounts. Only stupidly I ran Windows XP setup disk in repair mode. Only didn't repair, deleted half the system and then did a half baked re-install: resulting in my not being able to log back on. Or rather requiring that I activate first: problem however need to log on to setup internet access to activate: but wouldn't allow. so went from minor irritation, word and acrobat hanging system since last automatic update: to system stuffed. Though did seem to be some problem with the file system, permissions messed up and chkdsk kept finding indexing errors. Thus part of reason to format hard disk. But was going to tolerate irritation until done accounts, and backed up more completely. Now I have lost data files: poor programs store in the application folder. Stuff which doesn't get backed up on regular basis.
Beyond that was going to work on more Excel spreadsheets for submission to ExcelCalcs, and also rebuild my website. Not however totally decided on the new format: new organisation structure for information.
Now also pondering whether can make structural issues, and the building code of Australia news worthy so that can write at newsvine. Just trying to bring several things together. Thus far been writing lengthy emails to SEAint listserver regarding wind loading, and structural design in general. Whilst that is good for technical discussion, it is short of Australian followers to discuss practicalities in application of Australian codes of practice.
More over a great deal more of what I have to say is more concerned with owner-builders, builders and manufacturers and their failure to seek appropriate design services in the first place. So D.I.Y. forums may be a possible location to post articles.
One primary issue is that if I sit down to write my mind is typically blank. But if get question like on SEAint, then I can respond and write at length. Most of what I write however, I change my mind about and do not post. So the long articles actually posted are a fraction of what I have actually written in response to issues raised by other posts.
Another issue also concerns use of time. Should I be writing articles, writing computer programs, and setting up Excel workbooks for calculations. I have no real distinction between work and other time. It is also design and learning time.
Digital TV reception is so poor, that do now spend more time surfing the net than watching TV. The programming for digital TV is also poor, no idea what is going to be on. And what is the value of the electronic program guide, if the authors cannot really be bothered describing anything? Would think such guide was upto date to the very second. Would also think that was a direct link to the detailed scheduling worked out at the stations, not something that appears to be input separately into another system for the umpteenth time so the authors bored.
Currently got GO! on and the picture is the best its been in several weeks. Though not really paying attention since writing this waffle, trying to find a focal point. Organise something thoughts, give ideas about structures some structure.
Things to talk about!
Distribution and economics of structural building products. For example minimum weight structure is not the minimum cost structure. Problems in the shed industry. Erectors basically lock price in, therefore no benefit reducing labour content of building.  So doesn;t matter how material content of building is distributed, it will cost the same price to assemble, with the cost structures currently in place.
Now should I be writing this here or over on the LinkedIn groups that I have created. What to write about when and where.

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