Charities Previously Supported through regular monthly contributions:

Discretionary at Christmas Only:

  • I joined REDR Society via IEAust, a support group for REDR, it then merged with REDR Australia@RedRAustralia   {Not overly certain what my membership means. Though I seem to have voting rights.}

I have limited resources too, so only likely to add others to the discretionary list at Christmas, and may or may not send a donation.

I resigned from Engineers Australia and the Institute of Industrial Engineers (Australia) in 2014, and also associated organisations such as REDR society.

Being self-employed, working alongside my father, I have no personal income, all money made by the business is spent by my parents to keep their house (Where I also live), a consequence of the "recession we had to have". The only money I had for personal expenses were savings achieved from prior contract work, working for the likes of: Kinhill Engineers, Australian Construction Services (ACS), Works Australia, GHD Works, Bastick Llewellyn, Egis Consulting. Charities were supported from those savings.

As of 2017 my savings have expired and so has most of the market for our services. So no more charitable donations. The business itself seems to have been operating as a charity, the engineering equivalent of legal aid, but without any support from government, or the community, or any big projects to support the little projects.

I also do not take too kindly to people phoning me up and going through some ridiculous spiel and asking for more money. Charities now seem to be bussiness with too many employed people, and more concerned with supporting themselves than eliminating the problem they were setup to remove.

Consider if real humanitarian aid and development aid was provided there wouldn't have been need for 2 international decades of water, the millennium development goals would have been met already, and there wouldn't be need for any of the charities listed above. It being a given that proper development would ensure that the health care system also provides necessary service.

So until I see metrics which indicate the problem is diminishing and that all the aid agencies have plans to shutdown no later than 2030, or at least reduce to a caretaker/watchdog mode, I have no intention of restoring my donations, if and when I restore my income.

Though I may be willing to provide my time in exchange for food,water and shelter. Obviously I wouldn't waste my time on stuff that hasn't worked in the past, and is part of the problem. (eg. a pumped water supply is acquisition of a  problem not a solution.)