Saturday, June 28, 2008

Testing Emails Direct to Blogger

Just a simple post to test, writing blogs by emailing content to blogsite.

Testing posting blogs via email

Testing posting blogs via email.
Went and placed some posts about new series the Nest on SBS website today.
Another series expressing views about what constitutes the normal way of
live, created by those who believe their way of life is the normal way and
should be practiced by all.
Testing some other features

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Revised and updated

Gee! That was hard regaining access, obtaining gmail account to do so. Guess need to be posting more often to keep upto date. The account creation via the legacy update doesn't work. Had to go via gmail new account creation instead, then go back to the change over system, and that reckoned the new account did't exist. Ah! Well! back online. Though still got get used to writing on line. Writing a journal offline is one thing and talking to myself as it were. But logging online and posting, thats a real pain. Still perceptions may change. I guess it depends on whether write short notes, or long, very long, pages and pages of the stuff. When I have an idea short I am not good at. Nothing to say, then short like this not so bad. But here I am nothing to say, and it could have been a simple. I'm Back! So short not my thing. Long tiresome monologue and soliloquy.