Thursday, June 25, 2015

PLAN110: Systems, Methods & Procedures

{Some overly idealistic goals, plans and objectives I wrote up in the early 1990's, and otherwise based on ideas I had in the 1980's and possibly as far back as the 1970's.}

  1. engineering cadets/scouting association
  2. split defence between military and civic development
  3. use of computers when & how
Cities & Industry
  1. decrease road network
  2. collapse/integrate industry
    • increase use of materials handling
    • build smaller factories
    • diversify
      • location
      • product design
      • production methods
      • management techniques
      • on government controls
  3. destruction vs. production line
  4. continuous shell structures
  5. more permanent factories
    • less tin sheds
  6. methods for moving and rotating houses
    • pressure bags
    • to improve
      • layout of city
      • use of light
      • view
  1. used goods supermarket
  2. product recycling
  3. alternative product uses
    • materials recycling
Community & Education
  1. make schools into centres of the community
  2. strengthen community participation
  3. democratise society not bureaucratise
  4. make use of idle structures/buildings
    • houses/homes
  5. increase student/public excursions
    • government
    • business
  6. make use of student minds
    • questioning
    • creativity
  7. voluntary cigarette and alchol licensing scheme
    • limits rate of purchase
      • therefore potentially rate of consumption
  8. segregate information, qualification, education systems
  9. integrate medical/health and education centres
    • reduced isolation of old and handicapped
  10. integrate education, community and industry
  11. education centre becomes local resource centre
  1. free people from dependence on employers
  2. revitalise family networks
  3. improve domestic management and self-sufficiency
  4. promote holistic approach
  5. Information System
  6. Education system
  7. Qualification and Certification system
  8. Licensing System
  9. World Political And Social System
  10. System for World Development
  11. System for Occupation, employment, and community contribution

Made A Start
Needs Typing Up on Computer

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