Thursday, June 25, 2015

PLAN000: Mission Statement

{Some overly idealistic goals, plans and objectives I wrote up in the early 1990's, and otherwise based on ideas I had in the 1980's and possibly as far back as the 1970's.}

To design life support systems for individuals and communities to enable them to survive in any environment. At the extreme this requires that humans remain inside a building enclosure at all times or within a capsule as they travel from one building to another. The systems range in size from a suit, to a vehicle, to a dwelling to an entire city. The environments range from land, sea and air, from hot sandy deserts to cold ice and snow fields, to the bottom of the ocean floor, to the surface of the moon, to free floating space station beyond Pluto. To stretch the legs of humanity, to re-invigorate their pioneering spirit, to enable them to travel the universe and to extend the life of humanity beyond the lifespan of the planet earth. In the first instance however the task is simply to mobilize humanity on earth and provide the world population with the means of surviving with a reasonable amount of comfort

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