Thursday, March 06, 2014

Something gone wrong with personal web space!

It seems my personal web space which comes with my Internet account is no longer accessible. Whilst the html pages won't display it seems the files I made available for down load are still available. I can also access the site and via ftp and upload more files. But otherwise cannot display the html.

Also two ftp applications  weren't all that clear and gave the impression that site files existed twice. I thought that was the problem so deleted one copy. That was a bad idea, as seems there was only one copy, and now deleted that. I have put back some of the content, but as the personal brain knowledge base took about an hour to load in the first place, I haven't put that back {Only took 3 minutes to delete}.

Any case I was considering putting the files elsewhere, and use a more general file sharing platform to make the files available. So will update the posts and the links when I have that sorted out.

It also seems preferable to avoid using the personal web space, whilst got the benefit of being able to write html as I please, the hyper-link to the site is longer than if use a platform like blogger or WordPress.

Though have two problems with blogging platforms:

1) Embedding images
2) Linking to files.

Google photos doesn't seem to have the link and embed codes available that Picasa has. There is no way to create folders and upload files on blogging platforms except in limited ways. The limited ways being images to posts. Images for side bars and likes not so easy. So currently removed some links in the side bar showing other web presence.

So will experiment with options to replace web site which was on personal web space. Wasn't really used for anything other than a space I could put files and link to them. The web pages I can probably replicate on WordPress or Blogger.