Saturday, March 08, 2014

In search of South Australian Building Industry Web Presence

The following is a list of various suppliers to and in the South Australian building industry. It is not a recommendation, it is just a search for suppliers I am familiar with and an investigation to what web presence they have, whether it is a web site, presence on social networks, or simply a listing in the white pages and or yellow pages telephone directories. Some of these businesses we have done design/engineering work for in the past, or otherwise specify their products, others simply have a presence in the market place which cannot be ignored.

Cold-Formed Steel Sheds:

  1. Erecta Shed
  2. Mark Lattin Steel Constructions
  3. Alpha Industries
  4. Delta Sheds {No longer trading}
  5. Galpruffe {No longer trading}
  6. Olympic Industries
  7. Magnus Australia
  8. Cockaleechie Industries
  9. Fielders Endurance Structures
  10. Ranbuild
Cold-Formed Steel
Panel and Block Construction
  1. Rapidwall
  2. Ace-Wall
  3. Hebel
General Construction Hardware
  1. Ramset
  2. Hilti
  3. Pryda {nail plates}
  4. MiTek Building Systems {Gangnail, nail plates}
  5. James Hardie
  6. Nobles {Cables and Rigging}
Retaining Walls
Soil Bore Logs
  1. Geodrill
  2. Frangos Nominees Pty Ltd
Land Surveying
  1. Jeanes & Sommerville Surveyors Pty. Ltd.
  2. Mattsson & Martyn
Building Surveyors &/or Private Certifiers
Drafting and Design Services
Work Shop Detailers
{No web presence found at moment for those I know}

Pergolas, Verandas, other Canopies and Decking
{Mostly Timber}
  1. Harkk
General Metal Fabricators
  1. D and D Tooling
Houses and other Residential Construction
Golf Nets and other Sports Nets
Consulting Engineers for Infra-Structure Size Projects
  1. GHD
  2. SKM
Consulting Engineers Commercial / Industrial Projects