Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Plane Frame Analysis: Alternative Front End

Created an alternative Front-End for Plane Frame analysis. Instead of a single worksheet with all the data required by cpframe the data has been split between multiple worksheets. This makes it easier to add extra data records for each data set. This also makes it simpler to read an existing data file into the workbook, which may be useful if an auto-generated data file doesn't appear to be producing the correct results or if cpframe cannot read the file.

As primary interest is auto-generation of the models using vba and other programming languages rather than building in the worksheet, the next front-end I will release will read the data into appropriate vba data structures, with facility to save the data to the worksheet or retrieve from the worksheet. Similarly I will write a back-end based on similar data structures used by cpframe to write the results in the first place.

As I convert cpframe to a Windows console application, I will also add an option to read and write directly to MS Excel. {NB: Currently cpframe is MS DOS application and only supports 8.3 file conventions. In converting to MS Windows the intention is that it stays a command line console application.}

The file for the alternative front-end is:


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