Monday, September 14, 2015

Suppliers and technical information,including software

{Previously posted in LinkedIn group I created: Pre-Engineered manufactured structural Building products, and have since shut down. It having a membership of 30 people. Most of these people also in my group Pre-Engineered Manufactured Building Systems Group which has over 2000 members.}

Ramset potentially represents a good example of technical information which manufacturers and suppliers should make available.

First off, the technical information is available to designers, in the form of printed manuals, with possibly an option for software. These design aids are available to people who typically do not ever buy the manufacturers product, but these people do otherwise specify and recommend the use of the product.

Secondly software is available for download free of charge with or without a registration requirement.

Thirdly can speak to technical people for support and advise. Not just to salespeople who for many companies typically know zip about their product.

Smaller manufacturers of structural products tend to focus on glossy brochures and no technical specifications nor design manuals. Further software is limited and restricted to agents of the company, and only used by salespeople whilst talking to the customer. They have poor information for customers and poor information for certifying authorities.

This latter approach tends to result in a relatively cumbersome and hassled approach to product supply for all persons involved.

It largely stems from paying no attention to the design and development of the structural product and hoping that the majority of the time they can get city council approval with the barest minimum of information.

Australia's timber framing code AS1684 should be used as an example for documenting a building system, and I suggest Ramset information resources should be used as an example for documenting structural components.

And given these examples do have deficiencies, the aim should be to surpass not equal them.

There are far too many suppliers who have inadequate information resources to assist customers to make informed decisions before buying.

For that matter consultants also need to be clearer about what they do. Of course with everyone under pressure fighting "bushfires" as it were, being able to tackle these issues suffers