Friday, July 24, 2015

Metamorphs Product Ideas

Various Product Ideas had over the years. So yet another check list for determining what I have actually pursued and otherwise released.

ProjectID Title
M001 Shed Design Charts
M002 Shed Design Manual
M003 PreFabricated Buildings Manual
M004 Kleinlogel Spreadsheets & Applications
M005 Utility Disk
M006 Easy Calculators
M007 Generic Details
M008 Component Design Tables
M009 Soil Heave & Geotechnical
M010 Online Engineering Services
M011 Stock Management
M012 Project Manager
M013 Conveyor Design - Mechanical Handling
M014 Pipe Profiler
M015 Wind Loading Calculators
M016 Beam Analysis & Design
M017 Carport Design: Prescriptive Solutions
M018 Plane Frame Analysis & Design
M019 Drawing Office & Document Manager
M020 Personnel Manager
M021 Program Writer
M022 Metamorph Calculator
M023 Program Converter
M024 File Manager
M025 Cosmos - engineering data management engine
M026 CADD Tools
M027 IE Toolbox
M028 Standard Forms
M029 Architectural Details & Floor Plans
M030 Multiframe Applications
M031 Library Manager
M032 Civil Engineering Scriptwriter for AutoCAD LT
M033 Preprocessor/Postprocessor for Lights
M034 Microstran Preprocessor/Postprocessor
M035 Canopy Design: Software for Custom Design
M036 Excel Application Model
M037 Experimental Frame Design (Shelter)
M038 ColdFormed Steel Design
M039 HotRolled Steel Design
M040 Timber Design
M041 Concrete Design
M042 Masonry Design
M043 Civil Engineering Toolbox
M044 Structural Engineering Toolbox
M045 Mechanical Engineering Toolbox
M046 Enterprise Ideas