Thursday, November 21, 2013

Technical Function Library

Realising that many people joining ExcelCalc's have limits on their downloads, and just about all my spreadsheets are dependent on materials library and technical function library. I have decided to make these spreadsheets available outside of ExcelCalc's. The alternative was to include all dependent files in zips files, but that would have just been a waste of storage space: not only at ExcelCalc's but on my own computer. Also if I revised anything, it would also mean a lot of work to update all the zip file packages.

So here is the Technical Function library:

schTechLIB can be downloaded here as  a zip file.


  1. [21/11/2013] Original
  2. Sun 2013-Nov-24  13:25 :  Converted global constant (MtrlDB) to a user defined function which builds the path to the MS Access materials database from information stored in a worksheet (AppEnvVar) in the ActiveWorkBook. Whilst this provides some user flexibility, the drawback is the calculations show #VALUE! when the calculation workbooks don't have focus. I been considering creating a configuration file for a while, just not certain whether to use xml, or xls file formats, or whether to store in the Tech Library itself. It seems xml could give me problems if people don't have the same version of xml driver installed on their machines. On the other hand I move between Excel and Access, so I prefer code which works in both applications with out need to call the other application. Also prefer code which stands alone with out use of any MS office product. So approach taken is a quick fix to solve current problem. Users can redefine MtrlDB to return a fixed path without reference to activeworkbook.
  3. [23/04/2016] Changed download links to point to MiScion Pty Ltd Web Store