Saturday, September 28, 2013

State of Play 2013/wk39

Now have various blogs and web sites to look after. There is MiScion Pty Ltd, this is where I work drawing, designing structures, and programming computers with my father. This is basically the first web site the business has ever had, and I'm not sure at the moment what to place on it: so blog format works for now.

I have also created some additional blogs all of which can be accessed from the tabs above.
  1. TechStory
  2. Technical Praxis
  3. Technical Science
  4. Structural Code
Not so sure this is a good breakdown, too much overlap between, resulting in uncertainty as to where anything should be placed. However right here on this blog is where to deal with the chaos, so stuff likely to start here and then get subdivided refined and then rewritten else where, though remaining here as a reference as to where it came from.