Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cold-Formed Steel Shed Industry: part:#3

The previous two blogs:

Cold-Formed Steel Shed Industry: part:#1
Cold-Formed Steel Shed Industry: part:#2

largely considered scripting in Acad LT to autogenerate the framing plans. Whilst the posts appear to be popular I hazard a guess people may not be finding what they went looking for, so I thought I would create a brief summary of the more useful posts here and elsewhere  more directly related to design of sheds.

For discussion about cold-formed steel sheds, pre-engineered buildings (PEB), pre-engineered metal building systems PMBS. There are various groups on LinkedIN, the one I have created is:

Pre-Engineered Manufactured Building Systems

Rather than being limited to buildings it's more broadly covers building systems: sheds, carports, verandahs, scaffolding, timber framing to AS1684. Basically anything which can be configured to suit a particular purpose without going back to first principles for engineering analysis.

Also have the group:

Pre-Engineered Manufactured Structural Products

This group set up primarily to cover structural products, or independent components of structural building systems. For example bolts, balustrades, base plates, bracing. One again if pre-engineered then products should be capable of being selected with out reverting to first principles for engineering analysis.


The following design tools/aids are available for cold-formed steel shed design.

For typical 3m frame spacing:

Design Chart for C-Section Frames AS1170.2 Terrain Category 3 (TC3) 
Design Chart for C-Section Frames AS1170.2 Terrain Category 2 (TC2)

These charts were manually drawn in AutoCAD from the charts in:

For C-Section frames at various frame spacings.

These charts can be generated for any structural section using the design engine found at ExcelCalcs. It isn't a user friendly application and requires programming knowledge to modify data and run.

For determining the design actions to AS1170 and the design-action effects on a simple portal frame (Gable Frame: doubly pitched roof), with fixed/rigid bases, using Kleinlogel formula a workbook is available here.

For additional Kleinlogel formula extracts of the table of contents of Kleinlogel rigid frame formula is available here. Information from Kleinlogel Beam formula's which may be relevant to the use of the rigid frame formula can be found here.

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