Monday, March 19, 2012

Extract from About:

The blog comprises of freewriting, basically a dump of thoughts which interfere with my practical thinking, but on the other hand contribute to my perspective on the world and the practical solutions I come up with: a kind of katharsis. This blog is considered to be like a ships log: a private journal but accessible to the public when needed. The importance of this is that just because it is in a public space, doesn't mean that it has intent of attracting and maintaining an audience. We live in industrial society, just try not being in a public space. Given all the marketing advice and hype present on the internet about attracting and building audience: clearly simply being in a public space doesn't automatically attract attention. It is therefore possible for people to find a quiet corner of cyberspace, and remain unnoticed. 

[of course there is no accounting for what attracts people's attention. Including the 1000 ways not to do something.]