Sunday, February 27, 2011

Problems Accessing Internet this week!

This week been having problems with internet access. On top of which when
finally do gain access have problems with Twitter over capacity or if can
log on to twitter, not actually able to see anything.

Also thursday night tweeting from tweetdeck, and profile on twitter was not
updating. Though checked from office on Friday afternoon and the tweets were
finally recorded on my profile.

Otherwise been modifying my website. Attempting to find some logic and order
to using website, Blogger, LinkedIn, twitter and facebook. Also been looking
at some other tools namely: ipaper, and wordpress.

One problem I have with twitter is the timezone differences between myself
and those I am following. Most technical societies are in the UK or USA, so
generally either at work or asleep when they are tweeting, so missing the

So need something to automate the capture of the information and create a
static reading page. That is also another issue, so many in timeline, that
disappearing off screen before can read article and return and retweet.

Also seems to be a practical limit to searching on tweetdeck, so cannot
follow all topic areas. Also need more advanced search capabilities, to
refine content retrieved. For example alot of the searches for steel
buildings is returning something about a video game or similar. Whilst
scaffolding is retrieving more about pierced ears than construction

Also for that matter need to refine the topics, the chain that links
science, technology, engineering, mathematics, education, quality and
safety, along with appropriate technology, alternative energy systems and