Monday, July 26, 2004

Stuffing Around on Computer

Where does this thing gets its date and time from, certainly not my computer. what's the good of a computer if I have to do the thing myself.

Still just experimenting here. Here I am wasting time surfing the net when I was supposed to be modifying some building plans top meet Building Codes requirements I had missed. Well not that I exactly missed them, it just that the certifying authorities would prefer an explicit declaration that particulars will be complied with, add a few pointless comments to the drawings and its all ok! Well at least I will know next time, I reluctantly get stuck doing the architectural/building design drawings as well as the engineering stuff.

Wish people would see an Architect and same me some time. You can't do it yourself. Sure you can draw, but you can't design to save your life. And how am I supoosed to engineer something, if I don't know what it is.

The other month some fabricator asked me for a quote on calculations for a canopy with 4.8m clearance below the the beams. They haven't got it yet. They want free estimates of member sizes so that they can quote on the supply of the structures, but expect me to quote and carry out calculations on stuff all! I don't think they got my sarcasm about infinite spans and infinite length structure with an infinitly variable roof pitch.

Got a new approach. I am the engineer. Well strictly speaking Technologist, but who gives a stuff about. You think the engineer is going give something better. You have to be dreaming, more likely to charge more for significantly less. So as I was saying, I am the engineer, there is only one approving authority, and that is myself. I will not deteriotate my design to comply with the minima of regulations just so you can get something cheap. At the end of the day I am responsible, not the approving authority, they can approve any rubbish and usually do.

So you built the rubbish in your back yard. Council as identified and decided it is an illegal structure, and require engineers calculations. Well here is my response tough! Let council demolish it. You thought you knew what was required, that what you build is stronger than required. So you prove it and accept resposnibility for it.

Why should I issue a certificate and accept responsiblity for the safety of your neighbours, on the basis of the rubbish you have built in your back yard. Take a hike! You are arrogant disrespectful people who have endangered your neighbours and passing travellers with out thought or consideration for their welfare.

You want me to agree with you that council is a pain and unreasonable. No way! You want me to help you out and have sympathy with your plight. No way! If it was me I would just simply bulldoze the illegal structure. I wouldn't give you options. Remove your rubbish from my neighbour hood.

As for builders and fabricators. How come you always do things right, but in your opinion everybody else produces rubbish. Open your eyes, your stuff is rubbish. Your very approach to design and engineering indicates you have no understainding of levels of performance that have to be achieved by your products. You have no interest in the needs of your customers, just how much junk you can sell per year.

If you were interested in the needs of your customers, then you would not consult me on the basis of: "I need calculations for council".

Instead you would consult me on the basis of improving your product, increasing its value to your customers, making it more durable more robust of higher quality whilst reducing production costs. You would ask how you can demonstrate such higher value to your customers and thus explain higher prices. You would ask me to be help you innovate and design unique and original products.

But instead your are all largely copycat manufacturers, who copy with out knowing the full specification of requirements. Thus many of you unwittingly use substandard materials. As do the owner/builders who believe they can build it cheaper than you can supply. And why ? Because your businesses have a public image that clearly indicates your technical incompetence. If you demonstrated technical competence then far few potential customers would go away beleiving they can do themselves cheaper.

Even your organistion of fabrication and erection indicates technical incompetence that flows around the market place and puts people of buying from you, and encourages them to be owner/builders.

Now that is a sorrowful state of affairs when people believe that they can produce higher quality goods than offered by enterprises that are supposed to have all the skills and resources necessary to produce high quality product at minimum cost.

The building and construction industry really is a mess!

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